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Leave plastic behind and raise the bar with this rich conditioner that repairs the look and feel of dry and brittle hair.


Condition with deep moisturization with this colour-safe conditioner bar. Zero-waste and stamped to make it easy to identify when first making the switch, this conditioner bar will have you feeling good as you do good. Breathe in the light smell of natural florals as quinoa protein, rosehip oil, and organic cocoa butter repair and noursh your hair from root to tip.


Free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic preservatives, gluten, and phthlates, this cruelty-free bar is the perfect fit for homes with multiple sensitivities.


Best for: Dry & Brittle Hair

Conditioner Bar – Rosehip & Lavender

  • Cleanse, rinse, and leave the hair wet. Massage the conditioner bar over your hair to the tips. Rinse hair while massaging scalp to ensure the product is fully rinsed from your hair.

    This product does not create a lather and is very concentrated, so you can use less than you usually do. To get the longest life out of the bar, pat dry with a clean cloth and store away from water while not in use.

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