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Activated Charcoal Salt is awesome for entertaining and food presentation, activated charcoal gives the sea salt an earthy taste and has lots of healthy benefits. Our salt is made using only high quality coconut shell activated charcoal

Black Salt Siracha (Solar Evaporated Salt, Activated Charcoal & Siracha)

  • Why Activated charcoal

    – Potent natural treatment used to trap toxins and chemicals and help flush them from the body
    – Can help alleviate uncomfortable gas and bloating
    – Used to treats Alcohol Poisoning & Helps Prevent Hangovers
    – Anti fungal, anti bacterial, and mold cleansing
    – Promotes a healthy digestive tract by removing toxins
    – Helps prevent cellular damage to kidneys and liver
    – Possibly reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol

  • Weight 6.35 oz
    Dimensions 2 × 3.75 × 6 in